On February 18th , Schunk Xycarb Technology will be present at the BBL job market that will be organized by ROC ter AA (regional training center) in Helmond. At this event, students and local organizations are given a chance to meet each other and look at possible job opportunities.          

The job market focuses on BBL students (Beroeps Begeleidende Leerweg, also known as day release courses), who combine their educations with a few days of work to put their learnings into practice. Apart from these students, others are also welcome, such as starting students who are looking for some orientation, graduates looking for a job or other candidates interested in logistics and tech jobs.

As Schunk Xycarb Technology is always looking for enthusiastic, determined and competent employees, members of the HR department and some colleagues of the Mechanical (MBA) Thermo Chemical (TCA) department will be representing our organization. “At Schunk Xycarb Technology, we are constantly working on the edge of technology”, says Jenna Driessen, SXT HR Officer. “This asks for a constant investment in the skills and knowledge of our employees. Students are our future employees and therefore we want to help them grow and develop as In return their development helps SXT to deliver what we stand for: Pure Excellence!”

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