SXT sponsors PlatOOlab

Every year, Schunk Xycarb Technology has the pleasure to select a local organization and offer a sponsoring prize to support one of their projects. For the second year in a row, SXT selected PlatOOlab, which is an initiative that bundles the experience and effort of several teachers into innovative and creative learning ideas.

Instead of spending SXT's sponsoring money on only one project, PlatOO divided it over several initiatives to give them a first boost. In 2018, the organization was able to launch a number of activities that are now successfully rolled out by local primary schools. Here are a few of the most recent projects, partly powered by SXT.


This project, its name derived from the Dutch word for cheese platter, takes an organic, mobile cheese farm to all participating PlatOOschools. They let pupils go through the entire production process of cheese, starting from purchasing stock to actually selling the cheeses. This takes the focus off mental tasks and stimulates action-focused learning. Although there's still a lot of brainwork going on when doing the production work. Lotte, 12 years old: "by making cheese, I really had to do a lot of calculations. I'm finally understanding math better."


Media tools take up a regular role in modern education, presenting a wide variety of creative possibilities. Not only do they enrich the subjects, they also develop the children's media skills. At a primary school in Nuenen, they recently expanded their tools with the PlatOO greenscreen. The screens enable teachers to add an extra theme that corresponds with the lesson, but also boosts the pupils' creativity by letting them use the green screens for all kinds of tasks. And of course, it adds an extra fun factor - instead of watching tv, the pupils can actually be 'in' the tv.

I ❤️ Ukulele

Musical education has always been a part of primary education. Playing an instrument or, more importantly, playing together, stimulates social skills and fine motor skills. After only one lesson, the children are already able to play three chords, greatly boosting their confidence, and stimulating them to learn other new skills that they never knew they were capable of.

Projects of the future

After a series of successful projects, PlatOO was nominated again for the SXT sponsoring prize of 2018. The winning project that the sponsoring will be spent on in 2019, Visual Communication, was thought out by Ruurd Bouman, one of the PlatOO teachers. According to him, children are currently growing up in a world where visual communication plays a big role. For example, they are all very well known with the concept of vlogging. With this project, we will teach children what it takes to create such a vlog - like thinking of a concept and using the right technology.

Developing and creating all these wonderful projects is one thing. But as the equipment that is necessary to carry out these activities are quite costly, PlatOO is grateful to receive the sponsorship provided by SXT. Of course, SXT is happy to help, and wishes all the PlatOO teachers and pupils a very educative and, not unimportantly, fun experience!

For more information about PlatOOlab and their other projects, check their website.