Schunk Xycarb Technology’s Nooshin Rahmani places 5th at the Best Young Professionals Award

On the evening of Wednesday 28 November, Operational Excellence Project Leader Nooshin Rahmani placed 5th at the Best Young Professional Awards 2018, which is organized by the Rotterdam School of Management (Erasmus University), Johan Cruijf Institute and the Memory Group. Out of 1000 applicants, Nooshin ended up in the top 10, alongside other young professional from companies such as Shell, Schiphol Airport, EY, PWC and Heineken.

Best Young Professionals is a competition in which young academically educated employees compete for the prestigious “Best Young Professional” title in the Netherlands. They are ambitious employees who have shown that they can represent their organization and have the potential to advance further.

It was one of her mentors at university who invited Nooshin to apply for the competition earlier this year. “I thought it would be a nice opportunity to promote Schunk Xycarb Technology,” says Nooshin. “We might be one of the smaller companies that was present in the final, but we have great potential and skills to show. Apart from that, I was very curious to see how well I could compete with the other participants.”

To determine who earns a spot in the Top 100, all participants are asked to complete a comprehensive online questionnaire. After a few selection rounds, Nooshin was one of the 15 semi-finalists. To obtain a place at the final diner, all candidates were interviewed by Henk Verschuur, Academic Director of the Johan Cruyff Institute. He assessed the top 15 candidates for certain qualities, such as personal presentation, speaking skills, self-reflection, ambition and motivation. “The interview was not so much about my career”, says Nooshin, “but more about who I am as a person and professional.”  

A successful interview resulted in a place within the top 10, and Nooshin was invited to attend the final diner together with her employer, Schunk Xycarb Technology, on the evening of Wednesday 28 November. As the winners were announced from the last to the first, excitement was building up for Nooshin. Finally, for the fifth place, she was called forward by Henk, who had some encouraging words for her. “When I talked to you, I saw somebody perfectly in balance. For you, there is no glass ceiling.”, Henk told Nooshin. “You have a strong vision and you know what needs to be done first. Not only in priorities, but also in the future of your own position and what you do for your company.” 

Nooshin felt greatly supported by her colleagues back in Helmond, who are very proud of her. “I didn’t tell anyone about the selection until I reached the top 15. When I shared the results with my colleagues, they were all very excited. I could really count on their support; some of them even lit candles for me at home while I was at the final diner.” 

Nooshin was accompanied by Peter Spit, president of Schunk Xycarb Technology, and Global Operational Excellence Manager Lodewijk van der Hulst to the final diner. Peter: “We are very happy for Nooshin, but also very proud that she has reached the final Top 10 with a final 5th place. This shows that the Schunk Graduate Program is enabling to attract talent, which is a benefit for the graduates, but certainly for Schunk and their business like Schunk Xycarb Technology.”