1981Xycarb Ceramics established as a 50/50 joint venture
1986Xycarb became 100% subsidiary of Indivers (division Industrial Applications)
1988The division Industrial Applications became independent as Intech Technology N.V.
1990Intech focused splitting into two: Intech EDM Group and Intech Ceramic Group
1992Louwers glass technique was sold to Mr. T. Louwers. The semiconductor activities were  incorporated into Xycarb Ceramics B.V.
1996Schunk GmbH became 100% shareholder of Xycarb Ceramics B.V.
1997Establishment of Xycarb Ceramics Georgetown (USA)
2008Establishment of Xycarb Ceramics subsidiary in Singapore
2012Pure excellence in People, Products, Processes and Presence. Wim van Velzen retires from his  position as CEO after 28 years of service, since taking on his role in 1984. Peter Spit, CEO and Arjen Costermans, COO are handed-over the management of Xycarb Ceramics and continue the drive for Excellence.
2014Establishment of Xycarb Ceramics Taiwan Repair center
TodayPure Excellence in People, Products, Processes and Presence. Excellence which has been driven since 1981 in order to be the leading global supplier of integrated packages for Quartz, Graphite and Advanced Technical Ceramics products and related services for the Semiconductor, LED and Solar Wafer Processing Industries.