Lean manufacturing

Xycarb Ceramics monitors the performance of our organization using a Balanced Score Card based on:

  • Customer perspective
  • Financial perspective
  • Internal operational process perspective
  • Innovation and learning perspective

In each perspective, several Critical Success Factors and Key Performance Indicators are defined with clear targets. This company wide focus on our Balanced Score Card measures whether all operational activities are contributing to our objectives in terms of vision and strategy.

By using Lean manufacturing and Six Sigma principles, Xycarb Ceramics is constantly striving to improve products and processes. With Lean manufacturing techniques, Xycarb eliminates waste and focuses on increasing speed and throughput. Xycarb uses design for Six Sigma in R&D projects. Complex problems are solved using the Six Sigma improvement process. Prioritizing projects is based on the impact of a project on our Balanced Score Card and the total cost of ownership concept.

Six Sigma, Lean manufacturing and Balance Score Card result in short lead times, quality and innovation.

Combining our customer focus with this strong internal focus on excellence, makes Xycarb Ceramics the ideal business partner.