Semiconductor chips are getting faster, smaller, and more multi-functional to meet demands of today’s mobile technologies. To make this possible, wafer patterning, transistor and interconnect fabrication are being carried out at smaller and smaller dimensions. With every generation, the complexity of producing integrated circuits with more functionality increases. Semiconductor manufacturers need partners that provide technology and complete process solutions. Xycarb is committed to provide customers with leading edge solutions and services. Xycarb’s technology is supported by application knowledge, enabling customers to gain and sustain their competitive edge in the marketplace.

Xycarb Ceramics is a long-standing supplier of SiC coated graphite and quartz products in the semiconductor industry in OEM and the aftermarket. Xycarb Ceramics offers a complete package for ETCH, EPI, RTP, CVD and PVD systems. Besides these products, Xycarb Ceramics offers engineering support to optimize the design of these products for specific processes and optimization of the cost of ownership. Xycarb Ceramics offers flexibility in material choice and design in order to optimize the total cost of ownership of tools.