Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) are among the smallest and most robust light sources. Their low power consumption and low heat generation make LEDs more economical and safer than traditional lighting devices. In recent years LEDs have become a  commercially viable replacement of traditional incandescent and fluorescent lighting sources and have also replaced mercury containing fluorescent light sources in the backlighting of LCD screens. The LED market is a key growth area for Xycarb where the company maintains a long-standing market-leading position.

Xycarb Ceramics is the Market Leader for products in LED and setting the standards in susceptors. Xycarb Ceramics is the Worldwide Market Leader of Silicon Carbide (coated-graphite) products for the MOCVD market. Xycarb Ceramics MOCVD wafer carriers are well-known for their optimal process results. Through our state of the art manufacturing methods, we achieve optimal uniformity. Xycarb has the knowledge and engineering power to improve the products to your specific needs, increasing your throughput by optimizing on wave-length uniformity and brightness. Xycarb Ceramic’s production methods guarantee impurity-free products for an excellent process.