• Our operating company Xycarb Ceramics is a long-standing supplier to the semiconductor industry, well versed in working with all semiconductor quartz grades. Our experience in this area, our precision computer-controlled machining plus our advanced thermal forming and treatments enable us to achieve the high product quality essential for your current and future production systems. We make extensive use of simulation and modeling programs.
  • To design out stresses in our quartz products long before they enter production. What’s more, optimal surface treatments completely eliminate all risk of particle contamination during production.
  • To manufacture quartz ware to the highest technical specifications, our production centers make widespread use of robotic manufacturing equipment, much of it designed in-house. Our fully automated quartz welders, for instance, give reproducible, stress-free welds that are seamless and blemish-free. Flame polishing too is fully automated to create highly uniform, high-purity, virtually stress-free products.
  • We can supply quartz ware to any required customer specification including visual quality.
  • Semiconductor and Solar grade material 
  • Xycarb is the only qualified supplier for ASM Epitaxy, which supplies for both Quartz and well as SiC coated Graphite chamber components and thus effectively providing a one-stop-shop optimal solution.