• Xycarb Ceramics has all the necessary know-how, experience and equipment to produce precision ceramic products with tolerances within the micron range. Modern products are geared, in particular, toward large size capabilities for 300 mm technology and beyond.
  • Each product is designed and manufactured with the optimum mix of properties for the intended application (e.g. purity, electrical conductivity, thermal capacitance and corrosion resistance). Well-controlled production processes, high-precision CNC machining and product monitoring guarantee the highest quality levels. And multi-stage cleaning ensures that all products meet customers’ specified cleanness and visual appearance.
  • In addition, our R&D centre develops new, innovative ceramic materials meeting the present and future needs of the semiconductor industry. We are currently involved in major development in semiconductor ceramics, bringing to the field a unique combination of material production know-how and advanced machining capabilities.
  • New advanced ceramic sintering processes achieve purity levels that are among the highest in the industry, and our advanced coating processes are leading to unique combinations between ceramics and CVD coatings.
  • PAD (Pressure Assisted Densification) is a key element in our production process for manufacturing high-purity, fully dense ceramic materials without the need for large amounts of undesired sintering dopants. We also make use of pressure-less sintering processes in the production of near net shapes of silicon nitride and aluminum nitride.
  • Strict control exercised over both macroscopic features and microstructure enables us to regulate and even alter many of the material properties in order to meet rapidly changing requirements for the latest generations of systems and applications. It also means we can develop ceramic materials with unique chemical, mechanical and electrical properties precisely tailored to our customers’ requirements.
  • Products can be supplied from following materials: AlN, Al2O3, Si3N4, Si, SiC.