RTP Rings

  • Full range of CVD SIC, Quartz and Lamps for tools by AMAT and Levitech (ASM spin off)
  • High purity (CVD SiC and Si materials / coatings)
  • Low particles by CVD grown material
  • Dimensional accuracy by high precision machining capabilities and coating uniformity
  • High quality control standards to assure quality
  • Reliable and knowledgeable 2nd source
  • Knowledge teams in Application Management, Engineering, and R&D
  • Engineering support

Served platforms

Platform: 8” RTP: AMAT Centura XE & Radiance

  • Edge Ring  
  • Edge Ring flat type wafer  
  • Adapter Ring (6”)  
  • Edge Ring thin  
  • Wafer Support Cylinder 

Platform: 12” RTP: AMAT Radiance (+) 

RTP RadiancePlus chamber (Vantage)

  • Edge ring uni oxidized  
  • Wafer support cylinder  
  • ATM quartz disk (RE needed)

Platform: 12” RTP: AMAT Radiance (+) 

RTP Radiance chamber (Centura)

  • Edge ring silicon coated  
  • Wafer Support Cylinder  
  • ATM quartz disk