• Xycarb Ceramics is your global supplier of integrated packages for quartz, graphite, ceramic products and related services, including lamps.
  • Xycarb’s EPI and RTP lamps outperform competitor lamps both in test environment and in customer’s equipment
  • Xycarb’s lamps (both EPI and RTP) are supplied around the world to major wafer and device houses in the semiconductor industry

Xycarb Lamps portfolio

  • Xycarb’s lamps outperform competitor lamps in test environments
  • Xycarb's lamps are qualified and have realized better lifetime with major semiconductor customers around the world
  • Favorable value for money qualities


  • 2kW Lamp for AMAT Centura (All wafer sizes)
  • 6kW Lamp for ASM Epsilon (≤ 8” wafers) 
  • 1kW Lamp Ceramic Base for ASM Epsilon 
  • 6kW Lamp for AMAT Barrel systems (Batch EPI)  




  • 500W Lamp for AMAT Centura 
  • 520W Lamp for AMAT Radiance 
  • 645W Lamp for AMAT Radiance PLUS